Company profile

KIMI Pharmaceutical Industries Company was established in Aleppo city in 1958 by a ministerial decision issued by the Ministry of Health (MOH) No.18 of 20/10/1958.
The company is considered one of the first Syrian companies in the pharmaceutical industry, and it is specialized in the production of syrups, tablets, capsules, and suppositories as well.

Innovation and renovation process

The company started the process of development and renovation after the issuance of some regulatory decisions by the Ministry of Health (MOH), which opened the business prospects for the Syrian pharmaceutical companies. KIMI has developed a well thought out plans to follow up the development and growing process to meet the local and international demands, adopting the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), approved by the Ministry of Health and the Arab Health Ministers Council and the World Health Organization (WHO).
In 2001, the company was granted the quality certificate of (ISO 2000/9001) by the British Company (SGS), which helped in developing its products and at the same time to follow up the development and growing plans drawn by for the modernization of the production departments.
Later on, in 2004, the company got the certificate of ISO (14001/2004) the matter which encouraged to increase the amount of production and expanding the work so that a decision was made by the administration to transfer the plant to a new area called Reef Al-Muhandiseen No.1, with an area of more than (10000 square meters), and established a building of 3200 square meters with several floors. Also, the company imported modern production lines to the lab include ointments, creams, ampoules, serums, oral drops, and liquid vial in order to implement the plans to continue its development and renovation process.
At present, the company is about to obtain the Occupational Health and Safety Certificate (OHSAS / 18001:2007).

The Company's Production Lines

1. Tablets and Coated Tablets production line.
2. Liquid Syrups and Suspensions production line.
3. Oral Drops production line.
4. External Liquids production line.
5. Creams and Ointments production line.
6. Various Droppers production line.
7. Capsules production line.
8. Suppositories production line.
9. Ampoule production line.
10. Liquid Vial production line.
11. Serum production line.
12. Dietary Supplement production line.

All these lines are equipped with modern sophisticated machines according to studied plans identical with the new international standards.

Company Certificates

ISO Quality Certificate (ISO 2000/9001) by (SGS)
Environment ISO Certificate (ISO 14001/2004)