Quality control and Analysis scheme
Kimi pharmaceutical industries has a well-qualified team who manages our equipment to achieve high standards of precision in those fields:
- Validation and Verification on raw materials and packing materials.
- Validation and verification on products in process control.
- Validation and verification on finished products.
-Setting stability tests.
According to our polices in adapting good manufacture practice principles, Kimi got the following international quality certificates:
- ISO 9001: 2000- ISO 14001 – 2004
–Syria GMP

Quality Assurance
All equipment, processes, arrangements been put to achieve high production features and quality reassurance systems.
Quality assurance section plays the main role in quality management which is responsible to all control, examination and validation processes in all sections, to obtain our quality policies goal by those three standards:
All products have determined amount of the active ingredients as it is mentioned in the external packaging, the same dosage, and maintaining this efficacy during products virtual shelf life.
All products are free of impurities or contamination which may affect the efficacy, until these impurities as determined in the acceptable amounts.
Our products as always reach the highest standards of safety for patients.
Work steps of the Quality assurance department as mentioned below:
1.Verification and validation on all sections.
2. Verification and validation on all laboratories.
3. Verification and validation on all depots.
4. Verification and validation on utilities.
5. Suppliers evaluation.
6. Customers complaints.
7. Self-verification.
8. Training employees and technicians.
9. Returned products.

Validation goals:
- Determination the right production zones, sections, equipment according to the international specifications.
- Putting work methods.
- Naming verification and validation members team and their responsibilities.
Validation purposes

Kimi pharmaceutical industries is a complementary manufacturing facility has all pharmaceutical equipment and services, with these sections:
Tablets and coated tablets line, syrup and suspension line, oral drops line, external liquids line, ointments and creams line, various dropper line, capsule line, suppositories line, liquid vial line, ampoule line, serums line, dietary supplement line.
And all principles of good manufacturing practice are held in those lines.