Research and Development

KIMI Pharmaceutical Industries Company adopted the research and development department which specialized in the creation of formulas and the development of pharmaceuticals in all different pharmaceutical forms such as: Capsules, coated and non-coated tablets, effervescent, syrups, suspensions, suppositories, ampoules, and powder prepared for injection (vials).
The most basic steps carried out by the Research and Development department in the company are:
1-Putting up future plans to predict the market demand and its requirement for expansion, and to provide ideas and assistance to the administrators and managers of departments and marketing. The company also adheres to do best experimentations and laboratory tests of pharmaceutical products using the latest technology equipment, which are commensurate with the local and international good manufacturing methods (GMP).
1-Develop innovative systems to provide registration of medicines (CTD).
2-Conducting studies of the pharmaceuticals stability according to the guidelines of the International Conference for Harmonization (ICH).

The team work of Research and Development department supports continuously to produce high quality and acceptable – cost pharmaceuticals, so that KIMI Co. will always be advanced in the competition comparing with other companies in the local market.